Lunii helps my boy!!!

Hello everyone,

I hope that the last days, the last weeks of vacation before the back to school went well… Here, we are a little stressful (after 4 months with no school…). But I’ll tell you about it in another article 😉.

In this article, I would like to talk again about a great suggestion from my best friend, Johanna: the “Lunii” story factory! I am so lucky to have amazing friends who support and help me!!🥰🥰🥰

Do you know the principle of this small rectangular box?🧐

I didn’t know until my friend told me about it and showed me her daughters playing with it. They’ve loved it for a long time, even the big girl who’s now the same age with my son.🥰

It is a small rectangular box very simple to handle that allows them to create stories and listen to them…

Here is the link of this little “Lunii”:

(You could find it in in French or English,I think😉)

I loved the idea and thought it could be a great idea for my little boy, because he has an overflowing imagination that can even keep him from sleeping sometimes. I also thought it could help him to go to bed, especially in the evening because it’s often complicated to do it. A concrete example: asleep at 10 pm after negotiating, playing… andthe next day he told me when he woke up around 8 am, he told me that in the middle of the night he did not sleep so he put his library away because the cleaning lady comes soon!!!😳🤪

So I thought it might help him focusing on one thing to try to calm the “madness of the ideas» that spin in his head at night, and fall asleep calmly.

As he likes Lunii, it’s now part of his bedtime routine! 😉

How does it work concretely?: 

• On the machine, you turn the volume button up and it starts, then the child turns up a wheel to select the group of stories he wants, and he selects the character, the place, 1 or 2 objects… with each time several options! And the story starts. 😉

• Charges via usb on a computer

• It is available in several languages

• And you have your Lunii lab on the website where you can buy new story packs. There are at all prices (from 4.99 to 19€ see more) and it’s super easy to load on the box afterwards!

• It has a headphone jack… useful to traveling 😉😜.

I haven’t managed to find the way to put him in bed earlier than usual, but when we do the bedtime routine, he starts his Lunii and settles in. I even think sometimes he falls asleep listening to it. And in the night if he wakes up he starts it again (Sometimes, I hear it). A good way to relax and calm down.

When we will be able to travel again (here it is better not to leave outside Canada 🇨🇦😊), we will also test it. ‘Cause I think it might keep him busy on the plane. We’ll test the next long car trip to see what it looks like!🤞🏻 Even if there is no problem in the car (I know, we’re lucky 🤪. But I reassure you, it’s only for 2/3 years because when they were babies, or even small human, the trips were complicated 🤯), we feel that sometimes they get bored. As soon as I test it in these conditions, I’ll give you a little feedback to let you know!

The only negative thing is that sometimes it excites him a little, stimulates him too much because it gives him ideas, finally additional ideas for his stories… But it’s not a problem: except that it’s mostly in the evening that he uses it… so sometimes the night is short 🤪🤪🤪!

In conclusion, my son loves it and this little Lunii is part of his bedtime routine and life for a long time now! Thank you Johanna for this wonderful idea 🥰🥰

Feel free to share with me your tips and tricks, gadgets that help your children, your spouse or husband!

Take care of yourself! And spend a beautiful end of summer with a beautiful back to school 🌈🌈🌈🌈 

1… 2… 3… Let’s share!!!!😊😊😊😊

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