Our history

The purpose of my blog is to share my thoughts, my readings on life with my atypical, my questions, my “tips” to harmonize our family life and couple (that of things that are said in public )

The diagnosis of my husband and my daughter led to a lot of questioning, upheaval … it made me want to share with other people like us (atypical, neurotypical, parents, spouses …..)
Exchanging allows one to evolve, to better understand oneself, to accept oneself as one is with our differences … it is such a wealth !!!!

Feel free to comment, to write to me. I will answer you with pleasure. I also created a Facebook group for possible discussions, meetings (link on the icon f)

1 … 2 … 3 … Let’s share!!!😊😊😊😊

About me

A short presentation is a must :
First name: Ingrid
Age: Wildcard 
Children: a little Sacha of 5 years (atypical?) And a tall Maëlys of 8 years and a half (atypical … one wonders who it comes from )
Status: married to an atypical man for almost 10 years 

To contact me 2 possibilities are available to you, at the bottom of the site:

  • My Facebook group (click on the f icon)
  • My Instagram (click on the Insta icon)