As a teenager, the gap is more noticeable…

Hello my friends,

I hope you are doing well and are having fantastic holidays (For those of you who are 😊) and that these holidays arewere a time of happiness and sharingπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ„. We know that it’s even more intense for our atypical kids and can end in a meltdown πŸ’₯πŸ₯Ί!

I wanted to tell you more about our big aspergirl princess who has been in her teenage time for 2 years now!!!🫣😜πŸ₯°

We already had a complicated episode during which she searched for herself regarding her sexual identity ( I’ll tell you about it in another articleπŸ˜‰ ), but it’s getting better! 

She opens up more and is interested in lots of things…But a new problem has appeared: the gap with other teenagers of same age πŸ€”.

Indeed, after a few weeks (she is 13 and will turn 14 next May), she feels really out of step with her group of friends: they only think about the most important thing for teenagers…Do you know what I mean 😜? 

LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, SEX (as my princess says, the “weird stuff”πŸ€ͺ).

It makes her feel super uncomfortable because she, for now, is not interested in! And she doesn’t understand why they only talk and think about it. Sometimes we talk about it with her when she has questions πŸ€“πŸ§ (she’s more comfortable talking with me). Hopefully, it’s not her new restricted interest, like another of her friends…

Has this happened to your autistic teens as well? And even to your neurotypical teens?

Nardjes, her therapist, explained that it’s pretty well known in autistic aspergers to have this lack of interest in anything related to sex… Some parents are even worried about this lack of interest 😨 because it can last into adulthood.

It is, in these moments, that we see she is different from young people of her age. She found a way to manage ir by putting herself in her bubble with her headphones on 🎢 and drawing πŸ–οΈin her corner while her friends talk about “weird stuff.” She also told them it bothered her, but her friends continued and didn’t understand why she didn’t do what they did… It is not easy, even more at this age, to deal with differences because they have a strong need to belong. It’s not easy to be out of step. She has met friends outside of school through her Japanese courses and her video game (we’re monitoring because it’s internet…) with whom she talks about other things… It makes her feel good! 😊

Did you also experience with your autistic teens this gap? How did you deal with it?πŸ§πŸ€”

Feel free to share your experience and tips… It can help me and also help other parents who are distraught with this complex situation (you can send me a message if you prefer not to appear in comments on the article – I totally understand!)πŸ₯°

Talk soon, and enjoy the rest of the Christmas holidays.  1…2…3… Let’s Share !!!!😊😊😊😊

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